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Memorial Missionary Baptist Church was organized, March 15, 1941, at the Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church, 1001 Park Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, at 3:30 p.m. Ten members were present, and two members came from Mt. Vernon to make the quorum. After the proper procedure, the Church was organized. The Body agreed that this church would be named Memorial Missionary Baptist Church.

Rev. E. J. Johnson was the first pastor of the newly organized church. Our first church home was the Hard Carries Home. The Lord blessed the church and in a short time the membership increased to approximately 50 members. Rev. Johnson served the church for four years before returning to Texas. The church moved to the Friendship Building, 1221 East 17th Street, and Rev. Lawrence Cooper served as our leader while we were without a pastor. In 1947, Rev. Matthew Frazier was elected pastor and served for four years. In 1952, Rev J. H. Winston was elected pastor. Rev. Winston served five years and resigned. Once again we were without a pastor.

On March 19, 1958, Rev. Taylor B. Baker was elected to pastor Memorial. At the time Rev. Baker was called to lead the church, the membership had decreased to approximately 28 members. Rev. Baker, a devout Christian gentleman with a mind to work, labored long, hard and faithfully, and the Lord increased the membership to over 400. April 5, 1970, Rev. Baker, under the guidance of the Almighty God, led us to a new church home at 3700 East 67th Street. The Lord continued to advance the church and in 1989, Memorial was blessed to build a new church at 6640 Swope Parkway where we now call home. Rev T. B. Baker served Memorial for 37 years until his death on January 28, 1995. After many trials and tribulation the Lord once again smiled on Memorial and sent a pastor with a vision. On April 14, 1996, the Memorial Baptist Church Family held installation services for our Rev. Larry B. Aiken. With the theme "Catch the Vision," under the leadership of Pastor Aiken, the church has witnessed great spiritual, physical and financial growth, and visions are now becoming reality.

Under the leadership of Pastor Aiken, Memorial has opened the Memorial Bible Institute, Great Commission School of Ministry, a Prayer Center, a Computer Learning Center,  Memorial Christian Bookstore, the T. B. Baker Educational Center in memory of the former pastor, Rev. T. B. Baker, and the Crave Ministry Event Center.


In 2003, Pastor Larry B. Aiken was consecrated Bishop and founded the New Vision Worldwide Fellowship of Churches International. These independent fellowships of Churches is designed to support and enhance the overall ministries of its sister churches. New Vision Worldwide Fellowship is a gathering of churches and church leaders who are ready for transformation through the revelation of God’s eternal Word.


In 2003, Evangelist Olivia C. Q. Aiken was ordained as the Pastor of the Memorial Missionary Baptist Church serving along side of her husband.  Under their leadership, the Ministry continues to thrive and excel. Under the leadership of Bishop and Pastor Aiken, the church has experienced tremendous growth and the following ministries have been established: The Youth on Fire Ministry, th
e G.A.P. (God’s Anointed Property) Young Adult Ministry, Addicted to Jesus Ministry, for recovering addicts, the Shepherd’s Staff Ministry; a Ministry of Helps, The Grief and Recovery Ministry, and the PowerFeast Ministry; a ministry that feeds the community.

Under the leadership of Bishop and Pastor Aiken, the Memorial Church family has purchased several properties to include: 11424 Hickman Mills Drive, 3841 E. 67th Street, and
5620 E. 115th Street.

On April 13th, 2006, just before the Easter weekend,
one of the most devastating things one could ever imagine happened.  The roof of Memorial Baptist Church collapsed leaving some 1800 parishioners homeless.  The 800 seat sanctuary was lying in ruins on the boulevard of Swope Parkway.  This church was our home for the past 20 years; we now hold on to our memories. The Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Family and our fearless leaders entered in to a season of Transition as we searched for a temporary place of worship. During our time of transition, Memorial Missionary Baptist Church worshipped at SouthEast High School, The Historical Barker Temple, and the Gregg Klice Community Center, and at 6401 Rockhill Rd. Kansas City, MO also known as the Benjamin Banneker Charter School. On Sunday, April 12, 2009 , Memorial Missionary Baptist Church was blessed to worship in our New facility located at 11424 Hickman Mills Drive, KCMO for the very first time.  We thank God for all that He has done and we have our necks stuck out in expectation for the things that are yet to come.  Truly this is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!!!!  After 3 years of moving from location to location, we settled into our new home right off of 71 Highway.  God is moving a might way under the leadership of Apostle Larry and Pastor Olivia C. Q. Aiken. This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.  We pray that you will join us in walk in this new year with Grace, Peace and Power!!!!


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