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Memorial Missionary Baptist Church has a ministry for all to participate. Please preview below:

Beautification Ministry

The purpose of this Ministry is to maintain the beauty of God’s sanctuary. This includes appropriate plants, flowers, furniture, altar accessories, and flags. This Ministry is a part of all church decorating for special events.

Broadcast Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Cancer Support Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Canteen Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Car Care Ministry
The mission of this ministry is to provide car repair to single income homes that would not be able to afford it otherwise. To keep single mothers vehicles in good repair for there daily routine, to help keep the Church vans in good repair as well. We will make sure that every need that is presented is met, if unable to repair to direct them to someone who knows

Children's Church Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Church Bookstore

Memorial Christian Bookstore
The Memorial Christian Bookstore is a ministry of Memorial Baptist Church This ministry was started in 1996 with donations of twenty-five dollars from each member. Enough money was donated to the ministry and we made our first order of books, bibles and gospel music tapes.

The Bookstore Ministry continues to be a strong ministry within the church serving the needs of all Gods people. The bookstore is stocked with the latest books from the nations leading Christian authors; we also carry the best of Christian, Contemporary and Gospel music.

The Bookstore carries most of the recorded messages preached on Sunday morning. We are able to provide robes for both choir and ministerial needs. Volunteers that give of their time and ability to see this ministry through operate the ministry.

The Bookstore hours of operation is as follows: Before and after all Sunday morning and Sunday night worship services and special events, the bookstore is always available to render services by appointment. All members receive a 10% discount on all purchases

S.W.A.T. Evangelism Ministry
Information coming soon. 

First Touch Ministry
To Embrace New Members who have chosen Memorial Missionary Baptist Church as their place of worship, with the love of God.

This will be accomplished by demonstrating an on going basis care, concern and giving words of encouragement. We further endeavor to accomplish this by providing an ongoing personal “touch” (via cards, telephone, and handshake) to each new member. 

Men's Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Music Ministry
Information coming soon. 

New Members Ministry
The Mission for this ministry is for every new member to clearly understand the Vision of this house and the direction in which God is leading us under the leadership of Bishop and Pastor Aiken and you will be able to know the heart beat of the ministry and whether or not God has truly called you on assignment to this house.

Nursery Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Nursing Home Ministry
Our Mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole man compelling them to come to know Jesus as their personal savior. To reach out to the Nursing Homes & assisted living community to also encourage to continue being Gods ambassadors in the golden years

Outreach Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Prayer Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Prison & Jail Ministry
Information coming soon. 

PowerFeast Ministry
The mission of this ministry is to provide clothes, food and support to those in need. Members and the community. 

Scholarship Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and assist persons who are interested in achieving a higher education by attending a college or university or acquiring a special skill. 

Senior Citizen Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Shepherd Staff
The purpose of this ministry is to assist the pastor and congregation in ministry, worship and all church functions. The mission of this Ministry is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and love and demonstrate the Pastor’s motto, “Always Be Nice”. This is accomplished by persons welcoming both members and visitors to the worship service prior to entering the sanctuary. They also provide bulletins and other materials that need to be distributed. This ministry is also responsible visiting and writing to those who are sick and shut-in, in the hospital and those who have suffered loss of a loved one.

Single’s Ministry
The mission of this ministry is to inform unmarried members of their role in the body of Christ through workshops, seminars and group discussions. Also, provide opportunities for fellowship, testimonies and to share experiences to encourage and help build the faith of other singles. This ministry includes the single parent, widows, divorcees and other singles.

Substance Abuse Support Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Transportation Ministry
Goals is to provide transportation at any time for an individual who needs it.

Usher's Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to assist the congregation and visitors as they enter the sanctuary for worship. This involves serving as in-house greeters and directing each person to a seat. Maintaining order during worship service and the distribution of bulletins and other materials to the congregation as required. The usher will also assist in the receiving of tithes and offering, transmitting messages (telephone and written) to persons in attendance of service

C.O.D.E. 59 Youth Ministry
Information coming soon. 

Website Ministry
The mission of the website ministry is to provide the Memorial church family and all website visitors with up to date information concerning what God has done, is doing and what God is about to do with the Ministry. Our mission is to provide viewers with accurate information that reflects the face & the vision of the ministry 

Our Ministry Goal is to give our church an online presence that continues to reflect the ministry and to continue making advancement in our web technology as opportunity present themselves 

Women's Ministry
The Women's Ministry of the Memorial Missionary Baptist Church is a ministry that allows the women of the church to move forward in the spirit of excellence. This Ministry specializes in ministering to all women with an emphasis on teen girls. The purpose of this ministry is to build Godly women nurturing and grooming them into women of virtue.

The women's ministry has a yearly conference and two mini conferences during the course of the year. This ministry is responsible for the scholarship ministry, which gives scholarships to all desiring to further their education. This year the women's ministry has added the prison ministry, where they will be ministering to incarcerated women.

Our women's ministry is a powerful and highly anointed ministry lead by Pastor Olivia C. Q. Aiken. Leading the women into worship is an awesome experience and the challenge is always great. 

We shall continue to strive to become women of excellence reaching higher heights in Christ daily as we together catch the vision of the house. This ministry was birthed in the spirit of our Pastor and we have not looked back for we realize that the best is yet to come.

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