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Youth on Fire Ministries: where youth of all ages can come and receive age appropriate teaching. It's a ministry, within a ministry that teaches the WORD of God. We believe in this generation, and we believe that God has perfect plans for them; and it will, it shall come to pass. Youth on Fire is a ministry that represents the true presence of God, and we worship him in spirit and truth. We are radical for Christ, and we hold nothing back, we surrender all to God. 

If you are looking for a place where your child, your children, teens or youth can come and experience the true presence of God, then Youth on Fire Ministries is the place.


picture_43.pngFlame church is a vibrant part of youth on fire ministries. F.L.A.M.E. CHURCH- Forming Little Anointed Minds for Eternity, focuses on children ages 0-5. Flame church is a place where young children can come and experience God on their level; they learn praise and worship songs, bible stories, how to pray, and how to be excited for God. 

Flame church is a starting point for the nursery ages, and we believe and encourage them to give God their best. It is a sight to see babies in worship and on fire for God. FLAME church is the place for your child; so come join us and allow your children to experience God on their level.


picture_44.pngSPARK church consists of ages 6-12 years old. SPARK CHURCH- Spiritually Preparing Anointed Radical Kids. SPARK church is a place where kids celebrate God on the highest level. SPARK church prepares kids for God's next level. Youth learn the plan of salvation, the essence of the Holy Spirit, Faith principles, the obedience factor and much more. 

If you are looking for a place where your child can grow in Christ, then the SPARK church is the place. We are preparing kids for the Kingdom.


picture_45.pngROC church consists of ages 13-19 years old. ROC CHURCH- Radically on Fire for Christ. ROC church is a place like no other for teens. We provide an atmosphere of expression; youth are allowed to come and express themselves for God. It's a place where we build and develop leaders, preparing teens for the next move of God. ROC church is a place of unhindered praise and worship, a place of jubilee and a place of standard. We teach teens how to live righteous before God and man. 

It's a place of impartation, a place of release, and a place of order. If you are looking for something that will impact, influence, and empower your teen, then ROC church is the place. In addition to teaching the word of God to our youth, we have different types of events for them. Our youth enjoy Fun-filled Fellowship and Events in a good and healthy Christian environment.

Youth on Fire Ministries

Uncommon Cent$!!

Capital Stewardship Fund Campaign 
John 6:1-14, I John 5:20-21, II Corinthians 8:12, 
Luke 19:11-27, & Luke 18:16

The youth have a great responsibility in the Capital Stewardship Campaign Fund. We will encourage all ages, 0-19 years old, to believe God for their total Commitment. A little boy had two fish and five loaves; in man's eye it wasn't enough, small, but in God's hand it was multiplied. 

We will strive to teach Godly stewardship principles and increase their level of faith. Faith raising that makes cents. Our strategy is to raise their faith, which will produce:


All youth are asked to bring in all of their dollars and cents to help Move the Ministry into our Divine Destiny!

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