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What is New Vision Worldwide Fellowship Of Churches?

New Vision Worldwide Fellowship is an independent fellowship of churches designed to support and enhance the overall ministries of its sister churches.  New Vision Worldwide Fellowship is a gathering of churches and church leaders who are ready for transformation through the revelation of God's eternal Word. New Vision World Wide fellowship is centered around the concept of Obedience and Submission to God in the day-to-day ministry operation.

NVWWFOC is not a denomination, but rather a New Nation of Pastors and Church leaders who dare to be different walking in the holy calling of God for such a time as this.


When was the New Vision Worldwide Fellowship of Churches Established?

The Vision for the New Vision fellowship was birthed and founded in April 2000 under the leading and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In June of 2001, God fully established and ordained New Vision to be so under the leadership of Pastor Larry B. Aiken.


What is the Mission of New Vision Worldwide Fellowship Of Churches?

The Mission of the New Vision Worldwide Fellowship is to:

  • To equip, empower, and encourage Pastors and Church Leaders with cutting edge information that will bring inspiration to their local assembly.
  • To provide counseling and encouragement to Pastors and assist them in establishing the Vision for their local church.
  • To offer instructions, technical assistance, and spiritual guidance to Pastors and lay leaders through on-site training.
  • To offer assistance in the area of all ceremonials, ordinations, and installations procedures.
  • To serve as a spiritual covering for Pastors.
  • To establish a Yearly Regional Convocation that will consist of all churches connected with NVWWFOC.
  • The vision of New Vision is Not to serve as a Overseer of the local church, but to be a resource and support to the local church pastor as he/she fulfills the mandate of God.

  • The New Vision Worldwide Fellowship of Churches are here to Lift Up the Name of JESUS and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through domestic and foreign missions.

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