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Give Me another Brick Emergency Relief Campaign

Hello this is Bishop Larry B. Aiken Pastor of Memorial Missionary Baptist Church here in Kansas City, Missouri. Presiding Prelate of The New Vision Worldwide Fellowship of Churches, a fellowship of 58 churches around the country including churches in Jamaica and Haiti. 

Memorial Roof Collapse
By now you should have seen or heard about the loss of our church.  We are both grateful and thankful that God spared our lives and that no one got hurt, no not one.  God once again has proven to us that he takes care of his on that his eye is on the sparrow I know he watches me.  On the morning of April 13th, 2006, just before the Easter weekend one of the most devastating things one could ever imagine happened.  The roof of Memorial Baptist Church collapsed leaving some 1800 parishioners homeless.  The 800 hundred seat sanctuary was lying in ruins on the boulevard of Swope Parkway.  This church was our home for the past 20 years we now hold on to our memories.    Just like Nehemiah I am asking you help us rebuild by joining the "GIVE ME ANOTHER BRICK CAMPAIGN". 


Many Pastors and Churches through out Kansas City have sown seeds and vowed their support during our rebuilding process. One month before the roof collapsed cracks were noticed in the cross that stood above the pulpit.   At first we thought that the 20 year old building was just settling but as time went on we noticed the cracks kept getting larger. A structural engineer from Norton and Schmidt was called in and warned us one day before the collapse that the building was unsafe.  We were facing the Easter weekend and had big plans for a mega Easter service as well as big plans for the 10th pastoral anniversary celebration a few weeks away. We praise God that without hesitation we made the decision to take heed to the advice of the engineer.  The Wednesday night service was held at another location and the church informed as to the engineer findings and told not to enter the main church until further notice. 

On Thursday morning the roof collapsed.  As a church family we celebrated the goodness of God and the fact that no one was inside.  If we were inside hundreds of people would have been killed or injured there was no escaping because of manner in which the roof fell.  We bless God because instead of funerals services we are celebrating life.  It is amazing to me how some 22 years of ministry can come down to one decision. Friday morning's edition of the Kansas City Star read in its headline (God Saves His People Again). 

Since Easter Sunday we have had two temporary locations South East High School and now our temporary home the former Barker Temple COGIC located at 1709 highland in the Jazz district. We thank God for Bishop Emanuel Newton and the COGIC Council of Elders for the use of the Building. The cause of the roof collapse is still being investigated and with your help we are planning to rebuild.   It is our prayer that you will help us continue the work that God has assigned our hands to do.  We solicit the prayers and support of our every Pastor, Minister, Ministry and Child of God to help us fulfill the mandate of God.  We praise God 

that as a church family we are coming out of the rubble, we bathe in his goodness because the best is still yet to come. 


Many Pastors and churches have sown seeds into this ministry; others have volunteered to host a Fundraising Event. We pray that you will seek God and find it in your heart to help us rebuild the wall.  We pray that you will step out in Faith and give to the Memorial Emergency Relief Effort, so that through your giving God's word will continue to be shared throughout the nation; thereby pushing this body of baptized believers into our divine destiny.  

For more information, please contact us at (816)363.7940.  Online giving is also available.  Please make all checks payable to Memorial Missionary Baptist Church 3841 E. 67th street, Kansas City, Missouri 64132.

Because of Christ,

Bishop Larry B. Aiken

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